Gabriel Verdeta

An Emotional Expresser.

Expressing moods in piano melodies.


I Was Born

I was born some time ago. Now it's about 37 years ago. In a tiny village counting 32 houses. Grew up in a family of a farmer, studied university, left to live life in another country far away from the family house. Learnt new languages and travelled many different countries... I'm passionate about things causing goosebumps. About melodies with a touch, about photos with a feel, about text with a texture.


I do play the piano for fun. Never studied, never attended any course, never intended to be a piano player. I play to relax, to relieve pains and emotions. Most of the time 20-30 minutes long session, always melodies I come up with. Sometimes I record them using my phone mic, sometimes I record them properly via GarageBand and then edit them. I have composed over 50 short melodies. Some of them are to listen to on my Soundcloud profile soundcloud.com/gabrielverdeta and few on Spotify...


A place where I upload time to time.



I have few there.



When I was a young kid (between 16 to 20), I wrote dozens and dozens of very short poems. When I finally grew up, I stopped. When I was going through life difficulties, I wrote short and dark stories to express my thoughts. And later on, I tried to write some more stories. Since I never read, I found it difficult to write. The longest I've ever wrote is my South American diary from 3 months long travel (over 100 pages)...

The Fisherman

An unfinished story.


The Theory of Unexplained

London-situated story, 2 chapters so far...